Tissue paper is a lightweight paper and has become one of the most essential commodities of daily life. Hygienic Tissue paper products are generally made from one, 2 ply, three and up to six plies made from different types of raw material: Woodfree (or chemical) pulp, Wood-containing (or mechanical) pulp and Recovered (or Recycled) paper, Other fibers are now been used such as: Bamboo pulp and Wheat Straw pulp. The tissue paper came into use in 1920’s and since then the consumption of tissue paper has been consistently increasing. The continuous developments in the tissue paper industry have enabled individuals to lead a more sterile and hygienic life.

Majorly there are five types of tissue papers you can Buy namely; Bathroom Tissue , Facial Tissue, Paper Towel, Paper Napkin and, Specialty Wipes and Wrapping Tissue. Each of the tissue paper products has its own quality requirement according to the usage. The tissue paper industry is broadly classified into two categories: At Home; also known as Consumer tissue; and Away from Home (AfH). The At-Home segment comprises of tissues that are used for domestic purposes whereas tissue under the category of Away-from-Home segment are used for commercial and industrial purposes such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, goverment agencies and other similar commercial and institutional buyers; They include paper towels, toilet paper, paper napkins, facial tissues, dispensers and other tissue products used in any working environment or in any hospitality venue. A number of properties, such as absorption, porosity, coarseness, tensile strength, and tactility, determine the quality of these tissue papers.

The harmonized code To Buy Bathroom Tissue : 4818.10.0000 Toilet Paper or Bathroom Tissue

In 589 AD, the first document account of the use of toilet paper was recovered in early medieval China. However, the product Toilet Paper did not become commercialized in the United States until the 19Th century when a man named Joseph Gayetty introduced Gayetty’s Medicated Paper; a patent for roll-based dispensers was introduced a couple years later by Seth Wheeler.

In the United States of America, Toilet Paper is one of the consumer products with highest penetration and reaching consumption of 23 Kg. (+/-) of Paper per capita. Bathroom Tissue or Toilet Paper as it is called, is sold retail and wholesale. TP as referenced in English slang by some users is packed in paper and/or plastic bundles and these are some of the popular configurations : Single Roll, Jumbo Roll Tissue, Jrt 9 inches 2 ply, 4 Pack 2 Ply Tissue, 6 Pack Double Rolls, 8 Pack 1000 Sheets, 12 Double Rolls 2 Ply, 16 Double Rolls equals 32 Regular Rolls, 24 Pack Regular Rolls and 96 Rolls 2 Ply Bath Tissue.

Bathroom Tissue quality varies based in the region and on the manufacturer, one ply tp scott, 2 ply tissue paper, 3 ply quilted northern, and up to 6 ply toilet paper is available in Europe. The leading 10 toilet tissue brands of the United States are : Private Label, Angel Soft, Charmin Ultra Soft, Charmin Ultra Strong, Scott 1 Ply Tissue, Quilted Northern Soft & Strong, Kleenex Cottonnelle Clean Care, Charmin Basic, Scott Extra Soft, Maxim fit Bath Tissue 2 Ply Soft & Strong, and Seventh Generation.

Tissue Paper also acts as a layer of protection for the hands during wiping functions. It is sold by sq. ft. as a long strip of perforated paper wrapped around a paperboard core or folded in single pieces for storage and use in a toilet paper dispenser near by a toilet. Toilet paper in the developed countries is designed to be Biodegradable and to be safe for septic systems and sewer systems, whereas other Tissue paper products, Facial tissues, and Wipe products are not.


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SKU 10965000 Bath Tissue 2 Ply 96 Rolls Environmentally Preferable Tissue Paper


The harmonized code To Buy Paper Napkins : 4818.30.0000 Table Paper Napkin and Paper Napkins for Dispensers




A disposable paper napkin, serviette or face towelette is a piece of paper used at the table for wiping the mouth and fingers while eating. It is usually small and folded one and 2 ply, sometimes in intricate designs and shapes. The use of paper napkins is documented in ancient China, where paper was invented in the 2nd century BC. Paper napkins were known as chih pha, folded in squares, and used for the serving of tea.


The word Napkin comes from Middle English, borrowing the French nappe—a cloth covering for a table—and adding -kin, the diminutive suffix and is usually made from low basis weight tissue paper towels. The first American company to introduce paper napkins was Scott Paper, but using paper napkins did not become popular in the United States until 1950s. In the USA the average person uses six paper napkins daily. The popular types of paper napkins are : Dinner Napkin, Table Napkin, One at the Time Napkin, Express Napkin, Beverage Napkin, Cocktail Napkin, Tall Fold Napkin, Dispenser Napkin, Low Fold Napkin and V Fold Napkin by PaperShop.


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SKU 1084000 Beverage Paper Napkin White One Ply 1/4 Fold Environmentally Preferable Paper

SKU 1241000 Tall Fold Paper Napkin White One Ply 1/6 Fold Environmentally Preferable Paper

SKU 1243600 One at The Time Paper Napkin White 2 Ply V Fold Environmentally Preferable Paper

SKU 1183000 Dinner Paper Napkin 2 Ply White 1/8 Fold Environmentally Preferable Paper

SKU 1125000 Lunch Table Paper Napkin One Ply 1/4 Fold Environmentally Preferable Paper 
The harmonized code To Buy Facial Tissues : 4818.20.0000 Handkerchiefs, Cleaning or Facial Tissues and Facial Towelettes



Facial tissue has been used for centuries in Japan, in the form of washi or Japanese tissue, as described in this 17th-century European account of the voyage of Hasekura Tsunenaga:


"The English blow their noses in soft silky papers the size of a hand, which they never use twice, so that they throw them on the ground after usage, and they were delighted to see our people around them precipitate themselves to pick them up."

Facial tissue and paper handkerchiefs are made from the lowest basis weights tissue paper (14 18 g/m2). The surface is often made smoother by light embossing. These paper types consist usually of 2–3 plies. Because of high quality requirements the base tissue is normally made entirely from virgin eucalyptus pulp, but might contain added selected recycled fiber. The tissue paper might be treated with softeners, lotions or added perfume to get the right properties or "feeling". The finished facial tissues or handkerchiefs are folded and put in pocket-size packages or a pop-up box dispenser.

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SKU 1301000 Facial Tissue Flat Box 2 Ply 30 Box Count

SKU 1368400 Facial Tissue Cube Box 2 Ply 36 Box Count

   SKU 1301002 Facial Tissue Flat Small Box 2 Ply 30 Box Count 
The harmonized code To Buy Paper Towels : 4818.20.0020 Paper Towels or Paper Towelettes



Paper towels are a common sight in every household’s kitchen and bathroom. When Arthur Scott came up with the idea of the disposable paper towel back in 1932, nobody would have had the slightest clue as to how popular and commonly used the product will become. It is the simplest way to get rid of difficult spills.


A paper towel (or kitchen paper) is an absorbent towel made from tissue paper instead of cloth. Unlike cloth towels, paper towels are disposable and intended to be used for drying and wiping. Paper towels soak up water because they are made from paper pulp : Virgin Fibers, TAD Towels and Recovered (or Recycled) paper, Other fibers are now been used such as: Bamboo pulp and Wheat Straw pulp.Paper towels can be individually packed (as stacks of folded towels or held coiled) or come in rolls. Paper towels have similar purposes to conventional towels, such as drying hands, wiping windows, dusting, and cleaning up spills.

Paper Towels are manufactured 1 and 2 Ply, and there are different types of paper towels : Commercial Paper Towels and Household Paper Towels. Commercial paper towels are used in schools, stadiums, offices and hospitality venues. Household perforated paper towels are mostly used at home for everyday cleaning and wiping tasks. Popular paper towel configurations are : M Fold Towel, C Fold Towel, Single Fold Towels, Hardwound Towel, Center Pull Towel and Wipes.


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SKU 1060660 Center-pull Perforated Paper Towel 2 Ply Environmentally Preferable Paper

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SKU 1068000 Hardwood White Paper Towel One Ply Environmentally Preferable Paper

SKU 1068001 Hardwood White Paper Towel One Ply Environmentally Preferable Paper

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SKU 1123501 Hardwood White Paper Towel One Ply Environmentally Preferable Paper

SKU 1164000 M Fold White Paper Towel One Ply Environmentally Preferable Paper

SKU 1164001 M Fold Brown Paper Towel One Ply Environmentally Preferable Paper

SKU 1162400 C Fold White Paper Towel One Ply Environmentally Preferable Paper 

All Our Enviromentally Preferable Tissue Paper products are manufactured under high quality standards using FSC Certified fibers and produced at an ISO 9001-2008 & 14001-2004 Certified Facility. For More Information, Please visit : Our Commitment to the Enviroment. Click Here. 


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